OLH Inc. has created a specific and specialized service offerings. Our aim is to provide each client with services tailored to their needs and the needs of the project. We are constantly looking for ways to provide additional services or add value to our existing services by staying abreast of changes in the industry and listening to our clients.

Program & Project Management

Track and measure program and project performance, integrate and maintain control of cost & schedules, accurately predict outcomes and communicate status to all participants in a timely, effective manner.

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Construction Management

Have one point of contact to manage your project. Augment your staff to save money. Contract with one entity to provide both design and construction.

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Information Management Systems

OLH Inc. understands that information alone does not constitute knowledge. At OLH we know how to harness and present your information in a way that facilitates a better understanding of the entire project, ultimately leading to project success!

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